I’m Ready for Halloween

I’ve honestly been ready for Halloween since school ended in May. With everything that’s been happening this year, I’m ready for the joy of the holiday seasons.

Photo by Beth Teutschmann

So here are some reasons as to why I’m ready for Halloween.


Candy, candy, candy………

Halloween candy hits differenently than regular around the year candy. It could be because

1 it’s free

2 the different color wrapping is amazing

Either way that Halloween candy really lifts my spirits.

But I don’t like candy corn. It’s something about the way it tastes, the weird soft but hard crumbly texture never sat right in my stomach.

That was the one candy I HAD to trade on Halloween.

The other candy I normally trade is 3 musketeers, sweet tarts, gummy candy, and skittles. Most of the time I keep chocolate candy like Reese’s, m&ms, York, and Hershey’s.

Relaxing and eating free candy is the best thing.


Sweater Weather………

I love wearing sweaters. They’re cozy and it’s easy to be stylish with all the different types and colors of sweaters. Even though I live in SoCal, I will wear sweaters. Even if I have to sweat through them I’ll do it.

If you have itchy sweaters, it’s not worth wearing it. In fall we’re here for the comfy, cozy vibes and itchy sweaters aren’t it.

Sweaters are great because they’re also easy to style. If you have a cute sweater just add jeans and boots and your good. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with sweaters.



I can’t wait to buy new boots this year since all of my other ones are tore up. There are always cute Fall boots available. I normally get the short ones. I don’t like how the tall boots look on my legs.

I can’t wait to see leaves fall off of trees and hear the sound of the crunch when I step on them. The leaves don’t really change color where I live.

There’s also the chance I will step on a slippery leaf and fall. It’s happened before.


Gloomy weather perfect for watching scary movies……….

Another great part of fall is watching scary movies. I’ve already watched a bunch of old scary movies this summer to pre game for Halloween, so, I need to start searching for more to watch.

So far I’ve seen:

Get Out, Happy Death Day, Carrie, Chucky (all of them), Insidious, Sinister, The Boy, A Quiet Place, Caroline, Monster House, Casper, Poltergeist, Scream, It, The Ring, and more I cant think of.

Let me know what scary movies that you like to watch.


The Halloween vibe

The warm fall colors, pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie, cinnamon, the cool weather, pumpkin decorating, spooky halloween music playing in the background of stores or your house, and the fall decor. All of these things are more make me want to stay home all day and relax. I feel cozy all day.

The best part about Halloween is that you can dress up as anything you want and become a different person for the night. We’re playing dress up all day. We can all be crazy and weird together.

Thank you for sticking around!

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Life Changes Since the Coronavirus

Since March 2020 my life have changed in many ways in order to accommodate the coronavirus.

I’ve added al lot of things to my inventory and I’ve been very intentional about whether or not I’m going outside for a good reason.

Here are some habits that will probably stick with me for the rest of my life.

Mask on at all times

Masks are now an important part of my closet. The only masks I have are black masks because they can go with anything. But I’ve been thinking of buying different colors.There are a lot of different options out there.

I’ve seen many cute mask-inspired outfits that I want to reinvent for myself.

Might even start constructing my outfits around my masks. They can be statement pieces of your outfit. Or a cute pop of color you need to complete your look.

Personally, I can’t wait until the holiday masks come out.

Be clean

I’m more focused on cleanliness and how that effects other people.

A habit I have is constantly washing my hands and using hand sanitizer.

I also have a fan now that purifies the air. My parents bought it to clean “clean the air from the coronavirus”. IDK how well it works but our house smells nice.

Self Aware

I’m more aware of existence and making the most of every moment.

I’m sure you can relate being more “self-focused” if that’s a word. You’re more focused on identity, purpose, and being happy. Or at least I’ve experienced this.

I’ve been more mindful than I was before. Though I try to distract myself from what goes on up there, I’m realizing how important it is to have a good mental space. Hanging out with my brain isn’t as scary as I thought.

Another thing I understand now is that busy isn’t the same thing as productive. I’ve heard this phrase before but it didn’t click until now. Spending time with myself is productive. I don’t need to be doing random things that I think will make me smarter because that doesn’t really matter to me anymore. I want to do what I enjoy and fulfill my purpose in life.

Let me know if or how you’ve changed due to the coronavirus below!