Top 5 Halloween Candy

Halloween is TWO days away!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. I’m not planning on doing anything but watching scary movies, but that’s a good enough Halloween for me.

Also if you haven’t seen my post about Halloween episodes to your favorite TV shows you should go check it out. I put the episode numbers on there so you don’t have to go searching for them.

Even though we aren’t going out for Halloween you can still eat Halloween candy. Since we’ve been eating candy, I wanted to rank which Halloween candies are the best. I will just be ranking the chocolate candies since they are the only good candy.

So here are the top Halloween candies ranked by number.

1 Snickers

Snickers is honestly the overall favorite Halloween candy. Everyone (except for those with peanut allergies) likes snickers. It may not be your favorite, but it’s a Halloween candy everyone can agree on.

2 M&M’s

Again, an overall favorite Halloween candy. AND there are different types of M&M’s. For example the pretzel, peanut butter, and peanut M&M’s. Theres the mini’s which are the elite M&M’s. That’s a FACT. There’s an M&M for everybody.

3 Hershey

Hershey is a classic candy bar. I never trade my Hersheys on Halloween. It’s a simple Halloween candy with multiple flavors and different kinds like Hershey Kisses..

4 Reese’s

Ok, hear me out. Reese’s is one of my favorite candies, but, I can get sick of eating Reeses. I don’t get sick of eating Snickers, M&M’s, and Hersheys. And all of the other flavors of Resse’s are trash. The only good one is the original.

5 Kit Kat

If all of the above candies are gone, then it’s time to eat the Kit Kats. Of course breaking it apart is my favorite part. This might be weird but I like to eat the edges and then the whole kit Kat.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Comment below what you would add to the list or what you would change entirely.

Bye! Have a Happy Halloween.


Halloween Episodes of some of your favorite tv shows

The best part about Halloween and the Holidays are the TV specials. It’s something I always look forward to.

So I decided to look for those Halloween specials for you.

Here are the Halloween specials:

Bob’s Burgers

  • S3 E2 “Full Bars”
  • S4 E2 “Fort Night
  • S6 E3 “The Hauntening”
  • S7 E3 “Teen-a Witch”
  • S8 E3 “The Wolf of Wharf Street”
  • S9 E4 “Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street”
  • S10 E4 “Pig Trouble in Little Tina”

The Amazing World of Gumball

  • S2 E9 “Halloween”
  • S3 E23 “The Mirror”
  • S4 E39 “The Scam”
  • S6 E25 “The Ghouls”

Gravity Falls

  • S1 E12 “Sumerween”

Parks and Rec

  • S2 E6 “Halloween”
  • S3 E6 “Keaton”
  • S4 E5 “Meet ‘n’ Greet”
  • S5 E5 “Halloween Surprise”


  • S1 E13

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

And that’s it! I hope this helps you when searching for Halloween episodes.

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Should I do a part 2?

Bible Verse of the Day

In the beginning when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters.
Genesis 1:1-2 (NRSV)

Cool Halloween Costumes

Halloween is slowly approaching and though we can’t go door to door, we can still dress up and celebrate Halloween with the people we live with or by ourselves.

Personally, I’m planning on watching scary movies in a simple Halloween costume. You can also bake some treats while you watch movies or shows like the Charlie Brown halloween special. Or that one episode of spongebob where they turn into ghosts. Or that one episode of Bob’s Burgers when they go hunting for a werewolf.

Anyways, here are some cool, simple halloween costumes you can easily where in house while watching scary movies.

You can be a Ghost

a Vampire

a witch

A princess

Willy wonka

Linda from Bob’s Burgers

Or anyone from Bob’s Burgers

One of the kids from kids next door

A clown


The Fairy Odd Parents

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Have a Happy Halloween!!!

I found all of these on Pinterest @beingindividual

Things I’ve Never Done during Fall

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. There are a lot of things I love doing during fall. Some examples are eating candy and decorating pumpkins.

But there are a lot of fall activities that I’ve never tried before. So I decided to put together a little list of things I want to try during fall. I hope this can give you some ideas of what to do during fall.


Have a bonfire, and make s’mores

Mark Tegethoff

I’ve made s’mores before and I’ve done a bonfire before but never during fall. I imagine with the falling leaves and the fall vibes it’ll feel different. The conversations that happen during bonfires are immaculate. It’s a great way to get closer to your family.

Jessica Ruscello

Go apple picking and bobbing

I’ve never gone apple picking and apple bobbing. It sounds boring but it doesn’t hurt to try it.

Kelly Sikkema

Go through a corn maze

Because of all of the horror movies and games with corn mazes in them I imagine it’s low key scary to go through one but I want to try anyway. I think it’s fun to get almost trapped in a corn maze.


Make caramel apples and apple cider

Henry becerra

I LOVE caramel apples and apple cider but I’ve never made them before. I normally buy apple cider from the store and I’ve only ever had caramel apples at parties. (And I barely go to those)

Heidi kayden

Take a hike

I imagine the scenery and weather during the fall hikes are amazing.

Angelo pantazis


A lot of times people volunteer during Christmas or thanksgiving. But I’ve never volunteered during fall. Let me know where you have volunteered in the comments.

Dan Meyers

Simmer potpourri on the stove

Ok, I’ve always wanted to do this. I LOVE candles and cooking so this is the perfect activity for me.


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Do we have to lift our hands in church?

Quick Answer: NO, there is no right way to worship God.

Tim Mossholder

Long Answer:

Since I’ve been churching from home during quarantine, I noticed that I don’t feel pressure to worship God a certain way. I can do whatever I’m moved to do and I feel much more relaxed doing so.

The worst part of church is when the worship leader forces people to but their hands up and they say things like, “give it all up to God” or imply that you aren’t praising Jesus unless you are lifting up your hands.

There are many verses about lifting your hands to God: Psalm 63:4, Psalm 28:1-2, Psalm 141:2, Lamentations 3:41, 1 Timothy 2:8

But none of these explicitly state that the only way to praise God is to life your hands.

If I am moved by the Spirit to lift my hands one day, I will. But if I’m swaying and praising God in that way, that is ok too. Both are equally as valid.

Lifting hands is a symbolic act like getting baptized.

Praise God however in whatever way you want to.

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3 Apps that I’ve downloaded for college

1 Otter

This is the perfect app for recording lectures because it transcribes for you.

It’s used for Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc. This app is perfect for online learning.

There is a search bar you can use to search or words you want to find through the notes, you can also edit and highlight words or phrases.

Price: Free (in app purchases)

2 Brainscape

Brainscape is a flashcard app that allows you to test your knowledge on each card. It’s the only flashcard app I used and I’ve tried multiple apps.

If you want a flashcard app that does a little bit more (and you don’t like Quizlet), then this is the perfect app for you.

By each flashcard, there is a question that states:

How well did you know this?

1-not at all to 5-perfectly

You can make flashcards or study decks from certified classes.

Price: Free (in app purchases)

3 Notion

With this app you can take notes on different topics, write to-do lists, journal, and read.

They also show you how to use it with example pages.

The best part about this app is how it’s set up. It’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Price: Free

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