Halloween is slowly approaching and though we can’t go door to door, we can still dress up and celebrate Halloween with the people we live with or by ourselves.

Personally, I’m planning on watching scary movies in a simple Halloween costume. You can also bake some treats while you watch movies or shows like the Charlie Brown halloween special. Or that one episode of spongebob where they turn into ghosts. Or that one episode of Bob’s Burgers when they go hunting for a werewolf.

Anyways, here are some cool, simple halloween costumes you can easily where in house while watching scary movies.

You can be a Ghost

a Vampire

a witch

A princess

Willy wonka

Linda from Bob’s Burgers

Or anyone from Bob’s Burgers

One of the kids from kids next door

A clown


The Fairy Odd Parents

I hope you enjoyed this post!!!!

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Have a Happy Halloween!!!

I found all of these on Pinterest @beingindividual

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