Fall is one of my favorite seasons. There are a lot of things I love doing during fall. Some examples are eating candy and decorating pumpkins.

But there are a lot of fall activities that I’ve never tried before. So I decided to put together a little list of things I want to try during fall. I hope this can give you some ideas of what to do during fall.


Have a bonfire, and make s’mores

Mark Tegethoff

I’ve made s’mores before and I’ve done a bonfire before but never during fall. I imagine with the falling leaves and the fall vibes it’ll feel different. The conversations that happen during bonfires are immaculate. It’s a great way to get closer to your family.

Jessica Ruscello

Go apple picking and bobbing

I’ve never gone apple picking and apple bobbing. It sounds boring but it doesn’t hurt to try it.

Kelly Sikkema

Go through a corn maze

Because of all of the horror movies and games with corn mazes in them I imagine it’s low key scary to go through one but I want to try anyway. I think it’s fun to get almost trapped in a corn maze.


Make caramel apples and apple cider

Henry becerra

I LOVE caramel apples and apple cider but I’ve never made them before. I normally buy apple cider from the store and I’ve only ever had caramel apples at parties. (And I barely go to those)

Heidi kayden

Take a hike

I imagine the scenery and weather during the fall hikes are amazing.

Angelo pantazis


A lot of times people volunteer during Christmas or thanksgiving. But I’ve never volunteered during fall. Let me know where you have volunteered in the comments.

Dan Meyers

Simmer potpourri on the stove

Ok, I’ve always wanted to do this. I LOVE candles and cooking so this is the perfect activity for me.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, follow my blog and donate to it if you want to!

Have a great Fall!

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