Honestly when I tried to change the endings nothing happened. Changing the endings of the daydreams made me want to daydream even more. Again, I would become self-aware so at that point I’m done dreaming. It’s almost like I kept having dreams to make up for that dream.

Trying to change every single dream I have makes me dream more. It took more time trying to figure out different endings and in my head i would be like, “what if they all exploded”. And they do. But here I am dreaming about a different ending after that one. Like, I know it’s all my imagination so I can do whatever I want with no consequences and that’s part of why I dream. There are no consequences. I can do anything, life will go my way. Everything is perfect.

One thing that I started to say (because I was getting frustrated) is:

It’s not real, It’s just your imagination.

All this did was make me feel worse, I have to remember to go easy on myself.

The next thing I’m going to try will be focusing on an object like a chair or a table in order to remind myself to be present.

I’m going to be moving the updates to my Tumbler since they have been getting shorter!

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