Vogue On Crack, Black Fashion, Fashion on Tumblr, Evermore Fashion are the blogs.

I use Tumblr regularly but I’ve found myself using it more frequently since I deleted tiktok. It was too much for me, it was like one video is this super serious video then the next is willy wonka and I couldn’t handle it. One video I’m crying the next I’m laughing, it was too much.

But now, I’ve been focusing more on fashion. It’s what I’m passionate about so I want to incorporate it more into my daily life and what I see on the internet. Here are some fashion blogs I’ve found that I really like. Search up being-individual on Tumblr to follow me if you would like to!

Vogue On Crack

They post pictures of runway looks and they include who it’s by and the exact collection it’s from.

Here are some examples:


Black Fashion

This blog is less about runway, couture and more about art. Their description says it’s, “A collection of images rarely seen in the media”. It’s a great blog for inspiration.



This blog is about all things fashion runways, images, everything. They also interview artists so you can get to know new people by following this blog. They also reblog a lot so you can see images from multiple different blogs and follow new ones.


This page is more about models on the cover of magazines but of course it also shows fashion.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this article! Follow me at being_individual on Tumblr to see my posts!

Let me know what some of your favorite Tumblr blogs are!

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