So last week I talked about how I’m starting to work on Maladaptive Daydreaming by journaling and meditating. Here is a day by day account of everything that happened-

Day 1: This day, I wrote down all of my dreams. Like the whole dream. I wrote down every single thing that happened in the dream and that took forever. So as the day went on I just summarized the dreams. What surprised me the first day was how the dreams were directly related to the situations that are happening in my life. They were solutions to all of my problems and the embodiment of all of my fears. Because certain things were stressing me, I found unrealistic ways to fix them in the dreams.

Day 2: I kind of wanted to quit at this point. I enjoyed dreaming about these things. Though harmful, they helped get me though life. Getting though my head that though enjoyable it needed to stop hurt. I defiantly put less effort into writing down the dreams and had a hard time remembering to journal the dreams.

Day 3 I just relaxed. I watched TV all day because I almost couldn’t function without dreaming. If I wasn’t doing anything except for watching TV, I wouldn’t dream. But I was living out stories though the TV shows and movies. It was like I was dreaming but I wasn’t.

Day 4: I had conflict with someone and I had a really emotional day dream that went along with a song. When I get overly emotional I use music to help me work through my emotions and of course imagining myself crying basically. In my journal I didn’t MD as much because I wrote down the situation instead of daydreaming about it. And I take that as a step in the right direction.

Day 5: I’ve been forgetting to write them down. They go along with songs and shows I’m watching so it’s harder to catch. It’s easier to catch when I’m meditating. Meditating as really helped me this week have peace from MD. I’m starting to have more control over my mind while meditating. Allowing God to keep my mind peaceful and leaning on Him more has helped get me less stressed. But I’m still daydreaming.

Day 6: So journaling and meditating are helping with my emotions and stress but I’m still day dreaming. I’ve been remembering quotes and Bible verses to help me focus on living in the moment.

Day 7: I honestly just meditated this day.

This week I learned that journaling about the daydreams or what they mean didn’t work for me. I can journal about my feelings and things that are going on in the day and that helped to improve my mood. But it didn’t help limit daydreams.

Meditating helped to limit daydreams. Focusing on God or on Bible verses or body positivity helped to improve my overall mood as well.

So this week I’m going to try the next one which is talking out loud. So instead of writing them down, I’m going to be saying the whole dream as I am dreaming.

Wish me luck!

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