There has been a lot of arguments around church and quarantine. Here are the main ones I’ve heard:

  1. Church can help people heal emotionally. We need friends and family near in this difficult time.

2. They are trying to get rid of church and prevent people from worshipping God.

3. The close contact at church will put people more at risk for getting the Coronavirus.

4. God will protect people from getting the virus, they should still open church.

Despite all of these opinions, quarantine has been beneficial to many people and their relationship with God. I have experience growth in my faith and trust in God since being in quarantine. Here are somethings I and many people have experienced during quarantine.

1. I worship Him inside of my house more. Music can move me inside my house as it did outside of my house. I’ve always thought that you have to be in church in order to truly worship God. But that isn’t true. People are seeing that their actual houses can be places of worship; the church.

2. Many people are discovering that the only time they spent time with God was at church. Now that they have to stay at home they are realizing that God doesn’t exist in that space.

3. Even though I spend all day at home, I find that it’s easy for me to get distracted. It’s harder to read my Bible even through there’s more time in the day. It’s easy to catch yourself spending hours by the TV and that’s ok. Just take at least 3-5 mins to read a small devotional or memorize a Bible verse. The little things still matter. This showed how detached God was from my life. He wasn’t really present in my daily life. Though I went to church and read my Bible, my life wasn’t centered around God and I wasn’t actively involved in our relationship.

Away from church does not mean away from God. You can still grow in your relationship with God and worship God without a big building and flashing lights. You can still connect with people over the internet, and you can still connect to God.

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash.

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