The Summer you do Nothing. This summer, you spend 3 months (or however long your summer is) relaxing and doing nothing. You watch TV, go on walks around your neighborhood, go on social media, etc.

The Summer you do Everything. You can do all of the outdoor activities you’ve been waiting to do like going on a vacation to somewhere new, going to the beach, riding your bike, joining a summer sports team, taking a train ride somewhere, go to the spa, throw a party with your friends or go to a party, go to an amusement park, throw a picnic in your backyard, play mini golf with friends, go to art and science museums, play laser tag with friends, and catch up on all the books you wanted to read all year.

The Busy Summer. This is the summer where you work or take extra classes online to further yourself in college or high school, when you spend your time volunteering at an animal shelter or taking care of local parks, when you intern all summer or do small jobs to give you more money for the next school year, you dive into your studies on your own in whatever path you are on trying to better yourself in you career. This could also be a summer of practice. Practicing whatever you learned throughout the year and mastering techniques.

The Summer of Self Growth. This is the summer where take time to do some self-improvement. This can be spiritual, emotional, or physical. Things like learning new skills that you enjoy, creating a gratitude journal, learning how to dance, how to ride your bike, how to knit, how to paint, pushing yourself at the gym, going on hikes, going to yoga classes, spending more time in prayer, spending more time meditating, going to therapy, reading books on self growth, and taking courses online on subjects you find interesting. You spend more time getting to know yourself and who you are by falling in love with yourself and life around you.

What type of summer is your favorite?

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