Journaling is a great way to release steam throughout the day. People have many hobbies and habits that they love that they always stop.

One of those is journaling. I know many people who started journaling, they get a couple days in or just one, then they stop altogether. I was also one of those people.

The first time I finished my journal was over the time span of 4 years. Recently, it took me 2-3 months to finish my next journal. Here’s some tips I learned in order to journal daily.

  1. Change how you journal. A lot of people think journaling is about writing down every single thing that happened throughout the day. But, one thing that helped me journal is realizing that I could do whatever I wanted with my journal. If I don’t want to write about anything I could draw something like random doodles. Sometimes If I had a rough day I scribble on my paper. You can write short stories or put in memorable quotes. You can write about memories that you had on your mind for that day. You can journal anything!
  2. Don’t see it as a chore. Don’t stress yourself out and don’t be too strict on yourself. Journaling is supposed to be fun and relaxing. Use cute journals and pens. Decorate your journal however you like. Don’t be hard on yourself if your journal doesn’t look how you want it to look. Also don’t stress out too much when you skip a day. Just start from where you left off the next day.
  3. Find a general time you’ll journal. If you like to have a schedule set a time where you like to journal. I normally journal before bed. It would also be convenient to keep your journal on your nightstand in order to help you remember to journal.
  4. Journal while you’re doing stuff. It’s easy to get distracted or bored while you journal. Try putting on some music, playing T.V. in the background, or journal while eating.
  5. Your journals don’t have to be long. You can write a sentence a day or a few words for your daily journal. The less complicated you make it, the easier it gets.

At the end of the day, you have to find what style works for you. I hoped you enjoyed these tips!

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