Quarantine has affected my studying in many different ways.

1. Before quarantine when I had a routine, it was easier to get things done. Now since I’m just at home all day, it’s hard to set a schedule for myself. I don’t go to bed at a certain time and I do my homework at random times. I have more time to do my homework, so I personally get it done on time. But I also know that many people have issues procrastinating.

2. I can’t focus like I used to. It takes me longer to do my homework because of all of the distractions from many thing like people in my house, my dog, etc. It’s hard to focus when I’m not in the same environment I was in all semester long.

3. It’s harder for me to learn school online. It’s not the same having a teacher in person. And with everything going on, it’s hard to focus. Most of my teachers didn’t teach, they just gave us assignments and worksheets. So, I wasn’t learning like I should’ve been.

At the end of the day we’re all in the same boat. A lot of people are having a difficult semester or for people who aren’t in school, a difficult couple of months. Relax, and don’t be so hard on yourself. A lot of things are going wrong. But adapt to everything that’s going on as best as you can.

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